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Large Early 19th Century or Possibly Earlier German Antique Brass Seal Matrix of The Burgesses of Goslaria

Large Early 19th Century or Possibly Earlier German Antique Brass Seal Matrix of The Burgesses of Goslaria

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A large early 19th-century German antique seal matrix representing The Burgesses of Glosaria, Germany. This may pre-date the 19th Century given the surface wear and age-related surface patination.

Bearing the inscription in Latin "Sigillum Burgensium In Goslaria" meaning "The Seal of The Burgesses of Goslaria".

Burgesses (The Germanic term "burger") was a rank or title of a privileged citizen of medieval towns in early modern Europe. Burghers formed the pool from which city officials could be drawn, and their immediate families that formed the social class of the medieval bourgeoise. 

Goslaria (now known as Goslar) is a historic town in Lower SaxonyGermany. It is the administrative centre of the district of Goslar and is located on the north-western slopes of the Harz mountain range.

The Old Town of Goslar, with over 1500 timber houses, and, the Mines of Rammelsberg, are UNESCO World Heritage Sites for their links to the history of mining and their political importance for the Holy Roman Empire and Hanseatic League. 

Each year Goslar awards the Kaiserring to an international artist, referred to as the "Nobel Prize" of the art world.

Verso, the seal bears a handwritten inscription in ink stating "Seals of Roman? Copies of Medieval Wax Seals 1814".

We can only assume that the early 19th Century collector was somewhat incorrect with their research!

Provenance - Ex-private collection, Yorkshire, England.

Condition - Good as per the images. A further detailed condition report is available upon request.

Size - Diameter 8 cm (3.15")

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