18th Century English Antique Pewter Child’s Chamber Pot or Piss Pot


18th Century English Antique Pewter Child’s Chamber Pot or Piss Pot

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An 18th Century English antique chamber pot. Also known as a “piss pot”.

Before bathrooms and toilets were invented and became commonplace, a chamber pot was simply a bowl or bucket designed to be used for one to do their “business” when one couldn’t or didn’t want to leave their house to take care of it. Some were fancy and built into stools. Some were decorated to fit the atmosphere of the house they occupied. Most were just plain utilitarian items kept under the bed or in a cupboard next to it.

Constructed from pewter and given its smaller size, this example was no doubt made for a child.

With a scrolled handle, rolled rim over a squat baluster-shaped body, and raised circular foot.

Condition – good as per the images. A further detailed condition report is available upon request.

Size: Diameter cm (“)

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