Large 17th Century French Antique Oak Carved Panel Depicting Achilles’ Ambush of Troilus


Large 17th Century French Antique Oak Carved Panel Depicting Achilles’ Ambush of Troilus



A large 17th Century antique carved oak panel depicting Achilles’ ambush of Troilus.

Beautifully carved.

French origin.

Presented in its original heavily carved oak frame.

The Story of Achilles’ ambush of Troilus

Troilus and Polyxena try to escape Achilles’ ambush. Troilus rides at full speed to the right, thrusting a goad into his horse’s crupper; at his side is a second led horse. On the right Polyxena runs away at full speed, holding a sash in both hands over her head. Her hydria has fallen beneath the horse and is broken in two, water gushing out from the mouth and from the fracture.

References to the murder of Troilus are few in literature, and none thoroughly explicit, so the details have to be pieced together from a variety of sources, including vase paintings of the scene; but the story seems to have been that Achilles lay in wait for Troilus outside the walls of Troy, hidden behind a fountain, where Troilus’ sister Polyxena comes to draw water, accompanied by her brother.

Polyxena, Troilos’ sister, was captured and be-loved by Achilles. At the end of the Troy war, when the Greeks, on their voyage home, were still lingering on the coast of Thrace, the shade of Achilles appeared to them demanding that Polyxena should be sacrificed to him. Neoptolemus accordingly sacrificed her on the tomb of his father (see “The Tyrrhenian Group” amphora, British Museum).

Condition – as per the images. There is surface wear to the frame commensurate with age and a loss to the bottom right corner. The panel itself is in good order. This carved panel displays incredibly well. A further detailed condition report is available upon request.

Size: Height 54 cm x Width 52 cm x Depth 4 cm (21″ x 20 1/2″ x 1 1/2 “)

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