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19/04/21 - Our Walsingham Store is now open for business but operating on reduced hours!

Holt Antique Furniture Ltd and its related Companies would like to update you on what's happening at our antiques store “Holt Antiques at Walsingham Mill” with the continued threat of Coronavirus (Covid-19).

We have now re-opened our doors to customers who wish to visit the mill in person.

Our opening hours are:

Sunday - closed

Monday - closed

Tuesday - closed

Wednesday - open - 11am to 4pm

Thursday - open - 11am to 4pm

Friday - open - 11am to 4pm

Saturday - open 11am to 4pm

Covid guidelines must be followed when entering our store. Please note that the following rules currently apply to ensure the continued safety of both customers and our staff too.

1. The shop can only accomodate a maximum of 6 customers at any one time;

2. Facemasks must be worn continually whilst in-store. We do not allow any exceptions to this;

3. Hand sanitizer (provided by us) must be used on entry;

4. Please follow the one-way system which is marked out in-store; and

5. Please obey the 2 metre distancing rule. Again this is marked out in-store.

Thanks for your continued support and understanding during this time.

Late 18th Century English Antique Iron Whaling Harpoon


A rare late 18thC English antique iron whaling harpoon head. Whilst we are not an advocate of modern day whaling, it must remembered that this dates to a previous age when whaling was deemed acceptable.

Sourced from a collection of maritime sailor art and related items and understood to originate from Hull, East Yorkshire, England. 

Whaling from Hull - A Brief History:

Whaling started from Hull in 1598 with the discovery of Greenland by navigator Sir Hugh Willoughby. 

The seventeenth century saw a sharp decline in the industry, but it was soon revived in the mid-1700s, thanks to Sir Samuel Standidge. He organised a small and highly successful fleet of Hull whalers during the 1750s and 1760s.

It wasn’t until the early nineteenth century, however, that the city’s whaling industry began to thrive. From 1815-1825, it is estimated that 2,000 men were employed in the trade, with over 60 whaling vessels. This made Hull’s whaling fleet the largest in Britain.

By the mid-nineteenth century, there was only a handful of whalers left working in/from Hull. The industry had started to decline back in the 1830s, but the situation got worse with the introduction of steam-powered whalers in Dundee and Peterhead.

The Diana disaster in 1867 was the final nail in the coffin of the city’s whaling industry. The unfortunate incident resulted in 13 men dying, including the ship’s captain.

The ship washed up two years later on the Lincolnshire coast, where she was broken up. This marked the end of Hull’s prominent role in the whaling industry.

Condition - as per the images. Some surface pitting. The shaft has been long since lost. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE IMAGES HAVE BEEN LIGHTENED FOR DISPLAY ON THIS WEBSITE. 


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2. CINOA - CINOA is the world association of Art & Antique dealer associations (representing 5000 dealers from 32 associations in 22 countries).


3. The Norfolk & Suffolk Antique Dealers Association.

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